Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp or hemp seed oil, is extracted from industrial hemp seeds, indicating there is minimal to no cannabis substance in it.

As the name says, it comes from the seeds of that plant. Essentially, they take those nuts and they use the cold press method, all that means is they squeeze it until oil comes out.

There is zero THC in it, there are no cannabinoids and no CBD in it.

hemp seeds
Hemp seeds for better nutrition


They are eaten for its nutritional power, as a result of its nutritional compounds and balanced fats as well as mineral web content.

The nutritional benefits are really powerful. Think about this. Three tablespoons contains 10 grams of protein and 3,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids in your body’s ideal ratio.

So in many cases, they can be even healthier than chia or flax nuts and it’s one of nature’s number one super foods.

So again, they’re amazing for your metabolism. They have the three things you need to help boost your metabolism to support fat loss.

Protein, healthy fats, and fiber. You get those three things in a meal, it’s going to support weight loss.


The CBD ingredients now primarily comes from the leaves and the flowers of the plant.

Also, the stalk and a couple of other aspects, but primarily we are looking at the leaves and the flowers.

Now, how do you get this ingredient out now? It’s a little bit more intense and it is called the carbon dioxide extraction method.

This is going to give you all of the benefits that are legally allowed to have, up to 0.3 of that THC level.

More Expensive

The difference that it’s going to be much more expensive than hemp seed oil. You will want to make sure you will find somewhere on the label that it has a certificate of analysis on it. It’s important to get these things checked out by a lab.

If you were to go to Amazon and you type in CBD. Many products listed on Amazon is nothing more than seed oil. So are the testimonials experiencing the health benefit from them.

Due your due diligence and ask or look for a certificate of analysis. You just want to be able to get what you are paying for. At least make sure the word cannabinoid is on the label.

What is it used for?

It is searched for its series of health and wellness benefits. That can include relief from pain discomfort, inflammation-swelling and sleeplessness or insomnia.

Also promoted as offering relief for stress and anxiety, clinical depression as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

cbd oil and dropper
CBD Oil with dropper

Does CBD really do anything?

There is moderate proof that it can boost sleep conditions, fibromyalgia discomfort, muscle mass spasticity pertaining to multiple sclerosis, and anxiousness.

It can boost sleep conditions. It can assist in reigniting your focus as well as psychological clarity, permitting you to believe a lot more clearer after taking it.


Due to the nutritional properties of hemp seeds and their derivatives, such as oil, flour, etc. Its content in fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is recommended to consider them as a key element in the human diet.

One and two hemp seeds have a characteristic walnut flavor and, as a matter of fact, are incorporated in many food preparations such as bread, cakes, biscuits, non-dairy, milk, ice cream, etc. Close to 50 % of a hemp oil global market is concentrated in the food industry and nutritional supplements.

The other half of the world is focused on cosmetic applications, soap, shampoo creams and other industrial uses such as biodiesel or varnishes.

In closing it would not be a bad idea to do this in the morning. Include 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds in your cereal or smoothie. Never forget to get some health benefit every time you eat.