Immune System

Immune System

What exactly does the immune system do? It takes care of your health by keeping your physique healthy from inside out.

It also performs other important functions. It plays a key role in cell growth. It fights off invading bacteria and viruses, plus it can help you recover from diseases.

It is an intricate part of your makeup: It consists of cells, organs and proteins. It’s made up of different organs, tissues and proteins.

It plays a vital role in protecting your body. From harmful substances, germs and cell changes that could make you ill.

Because it is very complex, it cannot be fooled by some simple tricks. So you need to pay close attention.

When you are taking a medical test or undergoing treatment. As long as your system is functioning properly, you will not notice that it is there.

Blood tests can determine if you have normal levels of infection-fighting proteins (immunoglobulin) in your blood.

They can measure the levels of blood cells you have. Also alert you for abnormal numbers of certain cells which can indicate any defects you may have.

Immune System
Immune system eating for health & wellness

Fight Infection

Your body comes with main parts to help fight off infections. These include white blood cells, antibodies, the lymphatic, the spleen, the thymus, and the bone marrow.

It helps fight germs by producing antibodies. Which fight diseases by fighting the germs itself. However, sometimes these antibodies can attack healthy tissues.

When this happens, there may be no way for your anatomy to fight off the germs, and the body is more susceptible to infection.

One way of treating infections is through antibiotics. Antibiotics work by killing all bacteria present in the gut.

However, this method can weaken your anatomy. Making you more vulnerable to other diseases or illnesses.

Natural Supplements

By taking natural supplements. You can build your immune system up to an adequate level. Allowing it to fight infection more effectively and keep you from contracting diseases.

Natural supplements are designed to boost the anatomy naturally. Not just by adding one particular substance.

To get the most benefits from natural supplements. It is important to take them daily. It’s best if they are taken in the morning or late at night, before you go to sleep.

However, you should also take the supplement with a healthy and balanced diet. These nutrients are easily absorbed by your body.

When you eat a well-balanced diet. Which means you need not have to wait until after you have consumed your food to take the supplement.

Eating Greens
Eating different greens for better immune system

Herbs, Minerals

A combination of herbs, minerals and other substances works synergistically with your gut to strengthen its defenses.

Taking a multi-vitamin supplement that contains antioxidants can do wonders for your gut. You should also drink a lot of water.

Because this aids in the absorption process of the herbal ingredients. Also, try to avoid processed foods.

You can get the most benefit from a Vitamin C supplement if it is combined with zinc and magnesium.

They help reduce inflammation and improve the function of white blood cells, which help you ward off infection.

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