New Proctoring Methods

February 14, 2021

Today we introduced a new way to proctor assessments. This new process will make it easier to proctor remotely or to proctor large groups, while also giving proctors useful insights.

There are two ways to set up proctoring now:

Proctoring by test-taker request replaces the functionality that we introduced in 2020 to accommodate remote proctoring, where you could copy a proctored-session link and send it to your test takers. The “Copy URL for Remote Proctoring” button went away this weekend.

With this new process, a proctor sets up a proctoring session in the Admin Portal. Test takers request to join the session from your location’s assessment-launch page. In the Admin Portal, you can authorize or deny individual requests after verifying test-takers identities, in person or via video call. You are able to monitor test takers’ progress in real time via the Admin Portal, as well as end their proctoring session when you choose to.

To see how proctoring by test-taker request works, please review these videos:

We also have a video on how to monitor and manage proctor sessions, whether they were started by Proctor PIN or by test-taker request: