Northstar Reports

Northstar locations gain access to a number of reports to give insights into where their learners are excelling or needing instruction. Below are some of the reports all locations can access in the Admin Portal. Additionally, if you oversee a number of NS locations, our network reports provide roll-up data.

Learners tab

The Learners tab is where user accounts are set up and tracked for your end users, allowing you to quickly narrow down how to assist individuals.

The Learner Detail page shows an overview of the learner’s history in all of Northstar’s topics: what assessments they have taken, what practice via Northstar Online Learning, and any badges or certificates earned. Clicking on a topic shows the Learner Topic page.

View learner details example

The Learner Topic page shows the latest info on a learner’s comprehension of a given Northstar topic by examining data on their most recent assessment, showing what standards they need to work on, and showing whether they’ve completed corresponding Northstar Online Learning practice, where available.

View learner topic example

Assessments tab

The Assessment Results listing shows all assessments taken in your organization and allows you to generate certificates where eligible. You are able to filter by: user, topic, date, passing status, proctoring status, and scores. You can also download a CSV export of the results for more analysis. Clicking an individual result takes you to the Assessment Detail page.

View CSV export example

The Assessment Detail page shows all of the important info relating to an assessment, including user, score, timing, proctor, which standards the learner needs improvement on, and more.

View assessment detail example

Reports tab

The Reports tab shows summary info on assessments’ passing rates, as well as particular questions within assessments that are answered most successfully and unsuccessfully.

The Summary Report shows a graphical view of the number of assessments taken in each topic, and also shows the percentage passing rate for each.

View report example

The Detail Report listing quantifies the number of assessments taken in each topic, as well as # passing and % passing. Clicking on each topic shows more detailed information on your test takers’ performance in that topic, including % pass rates for each question, and indicators on questions your test takers performed most successfully and least successfully on.

View report example

Network Reports

As mentioned above, for groups of Northstar locations, we offer additional roll-up reporting. Each report allows for filtering by any particular locations if you so choose, as well as other settings.

The Network Locations Overview report shows the number of assessments taken at your various locations, along with information on the number of certificates earned (i.e. proctored and passed), and the general passing rate.

View example report

The Network Modules Overview report shows performance by topic among your locations.

View example report

The Network Results Export generates an Excel spreadsheet of the assessments completed at your locations.

View example export